A guide to inclusive practices in digital health

This article is meant for those who want to influence more equitable outcomes, specifically in the field of digital health, through the implementation of inclusive research practices.

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Contributors to the current scope of work include: Frances DiMare Dailey, Adria Spivack, Morgan Foreman, and Laura Chen.

Note: Diversity in the context of this initiative was initially scoped to target underrepresented racial/ethnic…

Transforming People, Process, and Product within IBM

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Globalization and the Future of Technology

“Racial equity is about applying justice and a little bit of common sense to a system that’s been out of balance. When a system is out of balance, people of color feel the impacts most acutely, but, to be clear, an imbalanced system makes all of us pay.” — Glenn Harris, President, Race Forward and Publisher, Colorlines

The Equity Manifesto defines racial…

Raven L. Veal, PhD

Strategic Design Lead @ Citi Ventures

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